I Already retired, and now what do I do?

I Already retired, and now what do I do?

For many people, the arrival of retirement is one of the most feared stages of life. What am I going to dedicate myself to? Will I still serve for something? What am I going to do with all the time I am going to have? These are some of the questions commonly asked by people who have just retired. By breaking with the established routine of work, which has been part of a person’s life for 30 or 40 years, mixed feelings arise. The American psychologist Erik Erikson considers that every human being, throughout his life, goes through various stages of the crisis. And the way he solves them determines his adaptation process and his mental health.

Stop working marks a before and after in the life of anyone. For some, it is a crisis. However, others confess that they are at their best because they take the retreat as a reward for their life’s effort and choose to dedicate more time to themselves or take it as a good opportunity to do those things they had always wanted and could not do. For being dedicated to working, to children, etc.  therefore facing retirement can be enriching.

Here are some recommendations to successfully pass through the retirement stage:

  • •    Enjoy the grandchildren and the children.
  • •    Deepen in family relationships and with friends. It is necessary to schedule a life outside of work, if you do not have friends or do not carry out activities outside of work, you have to cultivate them.
  • •    Caring for a pet
  • •    Dedicate to a hobby, such as learning to paint, playing a musical instrument, practicing a sport, and so on.
  • •    Integrate into an activity that involves other people, such as dance classes or rhythm therapy.
  • •    Learn new knowledge and skills, such as a new language, computing, cooking, gardening, etc.
  • •    Participate in some volunteer organization.
  • •    Start a business of your own that allows you to work a few hours a day.
  • •    Travel, if you have enough resources to do it.
  • •    Avoid falling into the error of saying: “At this age, it is too late to do this”.

Finally, it is important to consider that, although for some the retirement is considered as the final period of life, the useful and productive stage of a person has nothing to do with an age limit, since we all have much to contribute to society at any time of our existence. Retirement is just another cycle of our life which should be considered to include 2019 Medicare Supplement Plans that are quoted at www.bestmedicaresupplementplans2019.com/ .