We Free The Children Campaign

In Swahili, the word for friend is rafiki. And being a friend means making sure others get a chance to live the life they want. Fundraise by selling beaded Rafiki Bracelets to help a Kenyan artisan create a better future for herself and her family.

Every Rafiki makes triple the impact: they earn income for the artisans who make them, they make meaningful impacts in Free The Children communities and they help you fundraise for the cause of your choice. 

  • Each Starter Kit contains 10 Rafiki Bracelets, made with colourful glass beads threaded onto a stretchy cord.
  • No matter what price you set when you sell your Rafikis, each one makes an impact in a Free The Children community! 
  • These beading bracelets are perfect for goody bags at Girl's Birthday Parties.  They will love to cherish the other kids in need.